Inteligencia Artificial

The training program Saturdays AI arrives, once again, to Castellón thanks to the Cátedra Cuatroochenta. The cycle is aimed at people interested in learning artificial intelligence and applying it in projects with social impact

In October comes to Castellón the second edition of Saturdays AI, a training program where participants from different profiles and professional fields will receive training on Artificial Intelligence and will use this knowledge to develop projects with social impact and open source in a collaborative way through a learn-by-doing method. To participate in this second edition it is only necessary to be over 18 years old and have basic knowledge of Python programming language. The Cuatroochenta Chair of Artificial Intelligence, Health and Welfare will promote this training cycle for the second consecutive year. It is an opportunity to acquire knowledge about AI, skills that are currently in high demand by the business sector.

«This course is an excellent opportunity to train in the field of Artificial Intelligence, using tools highly demanded by the industry, in a collaborative environment in which all participants can learn and teach their peers.»

Óscar Belmonte, director of the Cuatroochenta Chair

Saturdays AI

Saturdays AI is a global, non-profit initiative that aims to promote access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for all. Through the organization of courses and events ( in-person and online), they aim not only to bring AI knowledge to citizens but also to develop innovative projects with social impact. The ultimate goal is to integrate artificial intelligence to improve people's daily lives. In their training, they follow a collaborative learning methodology through different dynamics and challenges, both individually and in group.

Currently, this community organization is present in more than 30 cities in Europe, Latin America, the USA, Canada and Africa with more than 4,000 participants. In our country, Saturdays AI is present in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante. Since its inception four years ago, more than 315 projects with social impact have been developed. The methodology implemented by Saturdays AI in its programs is based on three pillars: collaborative learning based on projects, social impact and diversity within the community.

First edition

Last year Saturdays AI took place in the city of Castelló, specifically in the facilities of the Jaume I University. During 14 Saturdays, 30 participants, coming from different fields and with very different profiles, worked both individually and in teams in the development of different technological solutions with social impact. The best proposals were presented to different companies in the sector at the Demo Day, the closing event of the program. The closing event of the course was also attended by the directors of the Chair Cuatroochenta, as well as representatives of the local partners Cuatroochenta, Big Data and Analytics Association (ANBAN), IOTSENS and Xarxatec.

Seven projects were awarded, including one aimed at detecting the degree of loneliness in the elderly, one of the main lines of work of the Chair. All the projects awarded during the first edition have social impact, are aligned with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are published in the open-source repository Github.


  • Meal Recommender.
  • Breastfeeding support chatbot.
  • Disease detection in oranges.
  • Detection and calculation of reading speed.
  • Stays detection in RRSS.
  • Detection of the state of loneliness in people.
  • Anticipation and prevention of volcanic eruptions.


This second edition will be held between October 2022 and February 2023 at the University Jaume I of Castelló de la Plana. The full cycle has a total price of 200 euros. Saturdays AI offers scholarships and discounts for UJI students. Those interested can request information through the website. Registrations are already open.