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The Cuatroochenta Chair leads the LivAI project aimed at facilitating the creation and certification of open digital educational resources in Europe and promoting the ethical use of this technology in the adult population.

The creation of educational resources, such as a manual for understanding ethics in the field of data and artificial intelligence, and the implementation of an e-learning platform with the possibility of validating or certifying the skills acquired are two of the main objectives of the Erasmus + project "Making Adult Education lively through Artificial Intelligence (LivAI)", led by the directors of the Cuatroochenta Chair in Artificial Intelligence, Health and Wellbeing of the Universitat Jaume I. LivAI is aimed at the adult population, mainly educators, educational institutions and adult learners.

Another aim of the programme is the dissemination and exploitation of the results through the implementation of an online and offline dissemination campaign throughout Europe, the organisation of national hackathons in several participating countries and the creation of a European network for ethical AI.

«The project consists of the development of an artificial intelligence manual for adults and from there a web platform will be created to provide training in artificial intelligence for adults».

Antonio Caballer, Co-Director of the Cuatroochenta Chair in Artificial Intelligence Health and Wellbeing

Kickoff meeting

The first meeting of the project took place in person on 23 and 24 January at the Universitat Jaume I. Organised by Antonio Caballer and Óscar Belmonte, co-directors of the Cuatroochenta Chair, it marks the starting point for the development of the project's work plan, which will be carried out until December 2024.

In addition to providing material for training and acquiring knowledge in artificial intelligence, the project will certify the skills acquired. This improves the quality of adult education and facilitates access to training in this growing technology.