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The founder of the technology company Kineactiv, Gabriel Fuertes, will explain how he uses 3D technology to monitor and track how elderly people do physical and cognitive exercises. During the talk, he will demonstrate the same software used by the Chair to detect frailty.

Promote physical and cognitive exercise for the elderly through interactive games in a fun and intuitive way. This is the objective of Kineactiv, a business project in which a multidisciplinary team made up of IT, design, communication and physiotherapy professionals is working. Their philosophy is that by using their tool the user will be able to prevent the fragility of their physiological system and stay active with cognitive challenges to exercise their mind.

Kineactiv was one of the projects selected in Lanzadera, the business accelerator promoted by the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig. The project of this multidisciplinary team stood out among more than 1,100 projects from all over Spain that presented innovative proposals with a digital approach.

Woman using the Kineactiv 3D camera system to exercise her body.

The technological solution Kineactiv is already being used in different centres for the elderly in Teruel and Valencia, such as the Ariño Spa.

The Cuatroochenta Chair of Artificial Intelligence, Health and Welfare has been collaborating for months with the company Kineactiv. This cooperation began with the aim of digitalizing the methods for detecting frailty in elderly people. Together they are collaborating on the design of an application based on 3D cameras that allows early detection of when an elderly person is in a pre-fragile state, i.e. when he or she starts to show the first symptoms of physical and cognitive deterioration. This would mean an improvement in health care, as it would allow health professionals to intervene in the early stages of decline to reverse and delay the onset of dependence.

The Chair has organized a talk to present the case of Kineactiv as an example of a technological startup that addresses health issues. The speaker is Gabriel Fuertes, a graduate in Computer Science and founder of the company Edison Desarrollos, which is the promoter of the Kineactiv project. In the talk, Gabriel Fuertes will share his experience as an entrepreneur in the world of technologies applied to health. He will tell his trajectory from the beginning of his training to how he has come to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of professionals in physiotherapy, communication, marketing, design and engineering. He will also demonstrate his product and show how they apply 3D cameras to perform interventions supervised by health professionals.

Gabriel Fuertes

Graduate in Computer Engineering and specialist in Free Software. He works as a professor in the Department of Computer Languages and Systems at the University of Zaragoza. He has a long career as an entrepreneur in the business field of technologies. Founder of the companies Starglob Soluciones Informáticas and Edison Desarrollos, which is the promoter of the Kineactiv project.

Talk "Technologies and Health: The case of Kineactiv"

February 9 at 12.30h

Auditorium of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UJI.